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your ship may be coming in, you're weak but not giving in...

And you'll fight it you'll go out fighting all of them

zklby da zombie
29 May
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im just a queer, polyamorous, straightedge/drugfree, artsy, crusty-ish, vegan, anarchist, punk-rock-kid-with-hippy-tendencies who wants more music in my life, to be more active, lots-o-chocolate, excuses to ride my bike more often, someone to love, and to change things.
1905, a clockwork orange, acting, activism, activists, against me!, alternative education, anarchy, animal rights, anti-capitalism, anti-patriarchy, anti-war, art, bags-covered-in-patches-and-buttons, battle royale, being crusty, belonging to katy, biking, bisexuals, books, bubble baths, bunny slippers, canadia, captured by robots, cars-that-run-on-love, charlie's hair, cherry almond scented stuff, chocolate silk, christian sex ed, circle pines center, coin-operated boys, couch piles, crappy horror movies, critical mass, crusty punk kids, d.i.y., dar williams, diy tattoos, don hertzfeldt, drawing, dreads, dumpster diving, egyptian rat screw, elliott smith, eyeliner, feminism, folk punk, food, freedom, gay rights, gir, goths, gray eyes, grrl power!, guys with dreads, hardcore, hopscotch, invader zim, j's tattoos, jhonen vasquez, jthm, kiss my face, kissing, leah's giggliness, lenore, lord of the rings, movies, multicolored dreads, music, nertz, nightwish, nine days, no-sweats, old school nickelodian, operatic black metal, orchestral black metal, pac-man, painting, peaceful patchouli, peter jackson movies, piercings, pink floyd, pirates, plaid, polyamory, positive body image, punk rock, queen, queen mab, queer kids, queerness, quentin tarantino movies, radical cheerleaders, reading, rejected, ren and stimpy, revolution, ridiculously gory movies, rilo kiley, rocko's modern life, roman dirge, romeo and juliet, sadistic nuns, salute your shorts, salvador dali, seitan, sexuality, sheep, silly hats, silly straight edgers, singing, six flags, south park, spit for athena, sporks, stripes, submission hold, superhero hoodies, sxe, tall bikes, tattooing people, tattoos, temptation ice cream, tetris, the chicago sudbury school, the dresden dolls, theatre, theremins, thrift stores, tim burton movies, tim burton poetry, tofu, tutus, vegan death squad, vegan desserts, vegan gym, veganism, vegans, versus, viggo mortenson, vows of silence, walls of jericho, whole foods, wizard of cpc, wizard of oz, world inferno, x'ed up fists, yoinking-posters-from-the-el, zombies